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Fall Jewelry Trends You Won’t Want To Miss

By Kimberly Tate, Content Specialist, American Gem Society and AGS Laboratories

Fashion trends during the fall season often incorporate warm colors and heavier clothing to stay cozy in the cold weather. When transitioning from short sleeves to sweaters, you might want to update your daily jewelry selection or even create a personalized jewelry capsule.

Birthstone jewelry is always a great place to start but if you aren’t sure where to go from there, keep reading to stay on top of what’s trending and gaze at inspiring designs by American Gem Society (AGS) members!

Birthstone Jewelry

There are many beautiful birthstones to choose from during any season. If you’re looking for variety, consider October’s birthstones, opal and tourmaline! They offer a full spectrum of colors to suit anyone’s personal taste, like a Cat’s Eye green and rubellite tourmaline ring by AG Gems, or a sterling silver Australian boulder opal bracelet by Parlé Gems. Finish off your look with April’s birthstone, a diamond! These halo Martini studs by David Weisz & Sons are a perfect added touch.

Halloween-Inspired Jewelry

If you’ve been wanting to get a little more creative, Halloween is a great opportunity to wear spooky accessories to take your costume to the next level. It can also be a great way to add personal touches to your everyday fashion. Rock out in a Jaw Skull pendant by King Baby Studio or summon your “spidey” sense with a vintage Spider Cuff by Évocateur Style!

Pearl Jewelry

The classic pearl has evolved with an irresistible and modern twist! This season’s designs are more playful and allow people to wear them in a variety of ways and styles. You’ll find pearls anywhere and everywhere this year thanks to Pearlcore, a new fashion trend inspired by Gen Z! According to Pinterest, people of all ages embrace iridescent accents in their homes, jewelry boxes, and even nail art. Celebrate the natural beauty of pearls with these Buttercup studs by Mastoloni, or this Akoya cultured pearl curved line diamond necklace by Baggins Pearls.

Discover trending jewelry this season! Use our Find a Jeweler search tool to find an AGS jeweler near you.