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How To Create Your Own Jewelry Capsule

By Carla Westcott, Design Consultant

Just as a capsule wardrobe can simplify getting dressed every day, a capsule jewelry collection can do the same. Imagine not having to sort through seldom worn jewelry (get rid of that clutter!) and quickly accessing your go-to favorites right away.

The capsule wardrobe concept first appeared in American publications in the 1940s. The idea was this: whittle your clothes down to essential, classic items that won’t go out of style, are of a limited color palette, and are all flattering to your body type—and you actually like wearing them. Theoretically, the curated garments easily coordinate, and there’s less staring at your over-flowing closet with that I-don’t-have-anything-to-wear face. 

The same can be done for your jewelry. In the 1940s, a jewelry capsule would have certainly started with a strand of pearls—or a classic triple-strand. While pearls remain one of the fabulous classic jewels of all time, your daily choice may be gold or silver, traditional or modern. Whatever you love to wear is your classic. 

Set aside the jewelry you wear most often. (If there are too many choices, remove what doesn’t spark joy.) That’s your capsule. Getting ready in the morning will be easier—and faster. You can create a day capsule and an evening capsule. Follow the same formula for the evening: the pieces you wear most, all together for easy access.

If you find a lack of joy in your jewelry and you’re ready to invest in new classics, look no further than these beauties from AGS members. 

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