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How to Buy Amethyst

Whether you’re purchasing amethyst gemstone jewelry for yourself or a loved one, you’re making an investment in beauty that will stand the test of time. Amethyst makes a great gift for individuals born in February or as a celebratory milestone for a sixth or 17th wedding anniversary.

Of course, you’re also welcome to purchase amethyst gemstones “just because.” It’s a beautiful gemstone that ranges in color from a light pinkish violet to a deep red or blue-purple violet. It complements a number of metals and settings. Amethyst is a durable gemstone that works well with warm or cool colors, so it’s safe to say it goes well beyond special occasion jewelry and can be worn every day.

When looking to purchase amethyst, first visit an American Gem Society jeweler who is trained and certified to ensure that you have the best information to make a great purchase.

Next, check the color of the stone. Amethyst often has “stripes” or layers of color from how and when it was formed. It takes a skilled lapidary to cut and polish the stone to evenly show its overall color. Avoid brownish or rust colored tints to the stone. And be careful the color is not too deep or else it can appear black in some lights.

Like diamonds, you can also look for clarity in an amethyst gem. Most gemologists will favor a richly colored stone with some minor inclusions (not eye-visible), since the color of this gemstone is so highly prized. In lighter colored amethysts, visible inclusions will greatly reduce the value of the stone.

Since amethyst is relatively plentiful, the price differential in carat sizes isn’t usually terribly significant. This can be a great gemstone for statement jewelry pieces—although you may not be able to cost-effectively recreate some of Elizabeth Taylor’s memorable amethyst jewelry or the “Kent Amethysts” owned by the British Crown.

Larger amethyst rings, earrings, or pendants can make a stunning addition to a jewelry collection, but even smaller amethysts can be deeply and richly colored, making subtler pieces beautiful, too.

If you are looking for amethyst birthstone jewelry, find an American Gem Society jeweler near you.

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