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The American Gem Society (AGS) and GIA (Gemological Institute of America) have advanced our long-standing collaboration in pursuit of innovation, serving today’s jewelry professionals and our shared consumer protection missions. GIA has created an endowment to support AGS and our membership through educational initiatives. The strategic collaboration supports additional member educational opportunities.

As part of this next chapter, AGS and GIA have combined our gemological research efforts, integrating AGS Laboratories’ unique expertise, intellectual property, and technology to develop new GIA products and services to protect consumers and support the trade. The American Gem Society has closed AGS Laboratories. This strategic decision allows the Society to focus solely on advancing our mission, education, and membership programs and allows the combined AGS and GIA teams to focus on new products and services.

To learn more about the AGS Ideal Report by GIA click here! Questions about GIA’s other products and services? Contact

Please review the following Checklist and FAQ.

Verify a Diamond Grading Report

Please enter your AGS number as shown on your AGS Laboratories’ diamond grading report and click the Verify button. Report Verification service is currently available for documents issued after January 1, 2001. 
If your diamond grading report does not appear after entering these numbers, please make sure your browser’s pop-up blockers are turned off.


Learn about the AGS Ideal® Report

Recognizing the significant contribution of AGS Laboratories to the industry and consumer trust, the AGS Ideal® Report is available from GIA as a supplement to GIA diamond grading reports for eligible colorless (D-to-Z) natural and laboratory-grown round brilliant and fancy shape diamonds. To learn more about this exciting report, please read this downloadable information sheet.


To set up an account with GIA, please click here. You will be directed to the appropriate page on GIA’s website.

You can access PDF downloads of documents issued after April 1, 2010, via Report Verification at For reports issued prior to April 1, 2010, you can access the grading details on Report Verification. You can view our reprint policy here.

The AGS Ideal® Report is now available. Click here to contact GIA.

At this time, the AGS Ideal® Report is available for Round Brilliant and specific facet arrangements of Cushion, Oval, Emerald, Radiant, Princess, and Fancy Round. It is important to note that not all facet arrangements for fancy-cut diamonds will qualify for an AGS Ideal® Report. Only specific facet arrangements within the above-stated categories are eligible.

No, the AGS Ideal® Report is a supplemental Light Performance digital report for qualifying diamonds, utilizing the GIA Cut Grade along with the AGS Light Performance grade. You can add a supplemental Light Performance digital report to GIA’s 4Cs grading reports for colorless, natural, or laboratory-grown diamonds.

No, there is no diamond grading laboratory that grades to the AGS Diamond Grading Standards. AGS titleholders can grade to these standards when working with other AGS members. Please refer to the AGS Diamond Grading Standards section of the Membership Manual for additional information.

The AGS Cut Grading System remains the Society’s. For the AGS Ideal® Report, GIA is utilizing the AGS Light Performance system. The AGS method of evaluating light performance will remain the same at GIA.

Yes, the AGS Ideal® Report is available with or without an ASET® image.

The AGS Ideal® Report is available from GIA as a digital-only supplement to GIA diamond reports for eligible D-to-Z natural and laboratory-grown round brilliant and fancy shape diamonds. The AGS Ideal® Report supplement has an additional cost of US$25.

The AGS Ideal® Report from GIA is a great value at US$25. GIA does not offer special pricing. 

The AGS Ideal® Report is not available for custom branding. However, it does have both the AGS and GIA logo, which is a valuable differentiator for your diamond programs.  

Yes. To view and download your AGS Laboratories report, utilize the Verify a Diamond Grading Report tool at the top of this page.   

For reports issued prior to April 1, 2010, utilize the Verify a Diamond Grading Report tool on to access the grading details on Report Verification. For our reprint policy, visit

The AGS Ideal® Report from GIA is a supplemental report, available on the GIA Report Check. At this time, there will be no reference to the AGS Ideal® Report on the GIA 4Cs report. Please contact GIA at to learn more about the new report offering.

No, however, the report is available with or without the standard ASET image. 

We believe you should use GIA because they are the industry leader in diamond grading and gemology. They created the 4Cs, establishing the universal standard for diamond grading, while AGS created light performance and ignited a discussion on sparkle. The AGS Ideal® Report features the best of both. It’s a digital supplemental report providing the AGS Light Performance, backed by rigorous science, with GIA’s industry-leading diamond grading report. You can learn more information by scrolling up to learn about the AGS Ideal® Report section on this page. Look for the link to download a PDF.

We would like to acknowledge and celebrate the vision and dedication of AGS members and clients to advancing AGS Laboratories’ technology and unique approach to diamond cut and performance. We are deeply grateful to all the members, past and present, for their relentless pursuit of excellence and high standards.

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