The Practical Guide to Jewelry Appraising

First published in 1981, this is still the definitive guide for professionally appraising jewelry.

The Fourth Edition has been completely updated. It contains new information and addresses new developments in the jewelry industry and appraisal profession. It’s a must-own guide for those in the jewelry industry and essential for appraisers.

Some of the topics covered include:
  • The different types of appraisals and the many fields they apply to.
  • How to protect yourself when accepting jewelry to be appraised.
  • How to evaluate synthetic and treated gemstones.
  • What to charge for appraisals.
  • What is fair market value?
  • The ins-and-outs of mediation and arbitration.
  • How to be an expert witness.
  • Provenance and chain of custody.
  • This edition also contains sample appraisals, contracts and forms.

It is a common mistake to think that gemological knowledge is all that is required in appraising jewelry. This book introduces the reader to the methodologies of appraising and setting up a professional appraisal service.

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