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The Perfect Proposal

You’ve found the right person. You’ve found the right ring. Now you have to find the right moment to pop the question. 

So how do you make your proposal turn out flawlessly? We have plenty of tried-and-true tips to help you, but overall, it all comes down to just one.

Rules of the Engagement (Ring)

Here’s where a little bit of effort goes a long way. The history of the diamond as an engagement ring first became popular in the 1930s, but the idea of an engagement ring has been around for centuries.

If you’re still deciding on a diamond engagement ring, consider doing some window shopping with your partner prior to making a purchase. If you want to keep things more secretive, talk to your partner’s friends and family, or their family jeweler, to get a feel for their taste.

Another option is to use a stand-in ring for the proposal. Perhaps you can use their great grandmother’s diamond engagement ring, and then take your partner shopping later. (We can tell you everything you need to know about how to buy a diamond.)

Find Inspiration

Visit your local AGS jeweler in advance and take a look at the various engagement rings styles. The American Gem Society’s social media has some great examples! Check out our boards on Pinterest for some ideas or visit our Instagram page.

Peace of Mind

Do your homework before buying the engagement ring. Most importantly, find a jeweler you trust.

Don’t have a jeweler? An AGS-certified jeweler is always ready to help. Also, since you’re making such a big investment, make sure you insure the ring as soon as you purchase it. Your jeweler will be able to discuss this with you or you may be able to insure it for an additional cost under your homeowner’s or tenant’s insurance policy.

Location, Location, Location

Pick a location that is special to you and your partner. It could be on mountain you love to hike, a beach you visit often, or your favorite restaurant. Maybe there is a band you both love. If they are having a concert nearby, buy tickets and pop the question in the middle of your favorite song! The location is an important aspect of your proposal. Make the setting an important part of a great memory.

Keep it Traditional

In an intimate setting, preferably one with family and friends waiting nearby, drop to one knee and let your heart do the talking.

Spread the News

You have to tell everyone, right? Make your social media posts, or texts, part of the experience. Take a photo of you and your partner right after the question is popped (or even better: have a friend photograph the big moment) and share it in your social media, along with some words that express your joy and happiness. Don’t forget the traditional engagement announcement, either, as that will reach people beyond your social network.


You did it! Consider toasting your engagement with a night on the town, a glass of bubbly or a celebration with friends and family.

Find a jeweler certified by the American Gem Society in your area for wedding proposal tips and ideas. They’ve helped many couples become engaged, so there’s a good chance they have some great ideas on how or where to pop the question!