Accredited Gem Laboratory

Professional Gemological Identification Services

The Accredited Gem Lab® (AGL) designation means the firm you are shopping with has the minimum equipment required to perform gemological testing and appraisals. The equipment includes a gemological darkfield binocular microscope (essential for gemological observations), a master color grading set graded by AGS Laboratories per American Gem Society (AGS) Standards (for reliable color comparisons of diamonds), a gemological library of reference materials, and more.

Firms with the Accredited Gem Lab® designation prove to their customers and clients they are vested in the thorough inspection of gemstones and jewelry. More importantly, each Accredited Gem Lab® is required to have an AGS titleholder on staff, with a minimum of a Certified Gemologist® (CG) or Certified Gemologist® Appraiser (CGA) title to oversee its use. This ensures that a fully-credentialed gemologist with the proper knowledge is responsible for gemological testing and appraising.

To apply for the AGL designation, complete and submit the application listed below to