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American Gem Society Titles and Designations

Dream it. Believe it. Achieve it.

Let your achievements shine bright with credentials from the American Gem Society (AGS).

Our titles and designations were developed to help clients better understand the qualifications of jewelers they shop with during their jewelry buying journey. 

To achieve and maintain AGS credentials, members must adhere to the American Gem Society’s code of ethics and are required to re-certify their title or designation each year.

This education, and the knowledge gained from it, helps you at the sales counter. Anytime you can show a customer you are proactive about your education and training and apply that knowledge to help them in the jewelry buying process, can build trust with that client. That trust can lead to casual clients becoming life-long customers.

Earning a credential from AGS can energize you about your profession, where you are, and where it can lead you in the future. Take a look at what each title signifies to your customers:


Registered Jeweler (RJ)

Registered Jewelers have a solid understanding of jewelry, diamonds, and gemstones. RJs have completed required coursework and classroom study, along with written and practical exams in diamond grading.

Registered Supplier (RS)

A Registered Supplier is a professional in the wholesale jewelry industry who has met a high standard of business conduct and has completed formal and comprehensive gemological studies.

Certified Gemologist® (CG)
A Certified Gemologist has taken advanced studies in diamonds and colored gemstones. A CG also demonstrates mastery of diamond, gemstone, and precious metal testing procedures.
Certified Gemologist®
Appraiser (CGA)

This title is the most highly regarded among peers in the jewelry industry. Why? Because a CGA certifies that the sales person can identify diamonds, gemstones, and jewelry, and determine their value. This title requires advanced training and experience in determining the value of diamonds and gemstones.

Independent Certified Gemologist® Appraiser (ICGA)

This title represents those individuals whose sole business is appraising. ICGA’s do not purchase or sell diamonds, gemstones, or jewelry. To receive this certification, the ICGA has completed the requirements for RJ, CG, and CGA, plus has successfully completed an extensive course in personal property appraising. An ICGA must not only complete the annual recertification exam, but also submit proof of continuing education in their field every five years.


Certified Sales Associate® (CSA)

A salesperson with the CSA designation has passed the Graduate Sales Associate course and The AGS Professional module. This signals to consumers that the salesperson is knowledgeable about the diamonds and gemstones they are selling.