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January Birthstones


How to Buy Garnet Gemstones

If you’re looking to purchase a garnet birthstone for yourself or someone special, it is a great way to celebrate friendship, toast a second wedding anniversary or recognize the wearer’s January birthday.

When buying, first visit an American Gem Society jeweler who can assist you in purchasing a garnet gemstone that’s right for you. Look at how the garnet reacts under light—both natural and synthetic—and check for intense, saturated color.

Garnets commonly come in a wide spectrum of reds, but can also be green, pink, blue or even colorless. The price of the piece will likely increase for more rare colors like green or blue.

Garnets can also be judged along some of the same parameters as diamonds, with clarity and cut affecting the beauty and value of the gemstone.

It should be noted that some garnets have inclusions that are part of the beauty of the overall gemstone. Examples include “horsetails” in demantoid garnets, and hessonite garnets which sometimes have a “turbulent” look. You may discover that you enjoy the unique look these inclusions bring to the piece.

Try to find a cut that spreads light evenly over the surface of the gemstone. This will help to bring out the overall beauty and color of the garnet.

No matter which gemstone or piece you choose, remember that the garnet is known for its durability and richness of color, so your investment will not only have great emotional value, but could also be a piece that stands the test of time.

If you are looking for garnet birthstone jewelry, find an American Gem Society jeweler near you.

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