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November Birthstones


How to Buy Topaz

Topaz is a traditional birthstone jewelry gift for those with November birthdays. It’s also given to celebrate 19th wedding anniversaries, and certain types (blue and Imperial, respectively) acknowledge 4th and 23rd wedding anniversaries, as well.

Since topaz was recognized as more than just a yellow gemstone, it has become fairly common and therefore rather inexpensive. It can be judged along the same parameters as diamonds. In fact, colorless topaz gems are increasingly popular as an inexpensive diamond alternative.

When buying topaz, realize that this gemstone is most often treated with irradiation to produce desirable colors—particularly blue. Because these processes so closely resemble how topaz forms in nature, there is practically no way to determine whether a gemstone has been treated. Visit an American Gem Society jeweler who can help you select a quality topaz gemstone.

Imperial topaz is the most highly prized for its intense reddish orange color. Yellow, orange, and brown gemstones are more common and less expensive—although these can be treated with heat to enhance the pink and red hues.

Topaz crystals have yielded some of the largest gemstones ever cut in the world. Mines in Brazil have produced both the world’s largest cut blue topaz (the “Brazilian Princess,” weighing 21,327 carats) and the largest cut yellow topaz (the “American Golden Topaz,” weighing 22,892.5 carats).

In smaller sizes, this gemstone is fairly inexpensive. Not only is it affordable, but also available in a wide range of colors, so it’s easy for everyone to find topaz that fits their style. Topaz makes a great fine jewelry gift, even if it’s not your birthstone.

If you are looking for topaz birthstone jewelry, click here to find a jeweler near you.

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