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The Beauty of Ruby Gemstones: Fun Facts About Rubies Revealed

Rubies, known as the “king of precious stones,” captivate with their intense red hue and timeless beauty, carrying a legacy of passion, power, and prosperity through the ages. As one of the most coveted gemstones in the world, rubies continue to enchant and fascinate both gem enthusiasts and collectors alike. Discover the allure of rubies showcased in the gemstones and jewelry by American Gem Society (AGS) members. What is a ruby? Ruby gemstones are a variety of the mineral corundum. More specifically, they are the red variety, which is colored by chromium. Other colors of corundum are classified as sapphire.

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Tips from Jewelers Mutual: How to Wear an Eternity Ring – A Complete Guide

Diamond eternity rings symbolize everlasting love and are a perfect choice for weddings, anniversaries, or even a special gift for yourself. Whether you’re planning to surprise your love with an eternity band or already own one, Jewelers Mutual® Group provides valuable insights on everything you need to know about them. Click here to read their blog! Diamond Eternity Band by Rahaminov Diamonds

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Explore Trending Men’s Jewelry

By Kimberly Tate, Content Specialist, American Gem Society Jewelry can be an extension of one’s personality, and when crafted with expertise, it becomes a timeless piece that can be cherished for generations to come! From subtle accents to bold statements, men are embracing the power of accessories to elevate their fashion game. American Gem Society (AGS) members are on top of the latest men’s jewelry trends that effortlessly blend sophistication and individuality. Whether you’re looking to add to your collection or find the perfect gift, read on for inspiration and explore alluring men’s jewelry by AGS members. Sleek and Minimalist Clean

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AGS Members’ 2023 Jewelry Trends Help Unleash Your Sparkle

By Kimberly Tate, Content Specialist, American Gem Society Get Inspired by Trending Now! If you’re on the hunt for the latest and most stylish, trendy jewelry pieces, the American Gem Society’s (AGS) Trending Now page is the ultimate destination for inspiration. AGS members offer a wide variety of fine jewelry that fits any occasion – while tapping into 2023 jewelry trends. Trending Now features standout designs from selected categories of current jewelry trends. Discover stunning pieces from women designers and the latest looks for long necklaces, bangles, diamonds, pearls, chains, birthstones, and men’s jewelry. From unique wedding band designs by Lashbrook

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Turquoise Gemstone Jewelry: Southwest Style

By Wade Abel, CG, Director of Gemology, American Gem Society Turquoise is not only the name of this gemstone but also the color of the bright “robin’s egg” blue that this gemstone is known for! This beautiful gem is commonly found in jewelry with a southwest flare or is a bright and cheerful accessory that pairs with any color.  Turquoise gemstone jewelry is often seen set in silver and can be big and bold or more subtle, sometimes used as accent stones paired with other gemstones in elegant settings or in strands of beads. Turquoise gemstone jewelry is common in

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Jewelry From an Era: Art Nouveau

By Isabelle Corvin, CG, Staff Gemologist at Panowicz Jewelers “New Art” is the meaning of “Art Nouveau.” An artistic era, or a movement if you prefer. It swept through the world, gaining popularity mainly between 1890-1910. Art Nouveau was a period of transition in the fine arts, moving from the old into the new. Art Nouveau acquired distinctly localized styles as its geographic influence increased, leading to many regional differences among the movement. However, some general characteristics are indicative of the form. Nature and curved lines heavily inspired this art; begin with a simple, natural shape and make it come

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Fall Jewelry Trends You Won’t Want To Miss

By Kimberly Tate, Content Specialist, American Gem Society and AGS Laboratories Fashion trends during the fall season often incorporate warm colors and heavier clothing to stay cozy in the cold weather. When transitioning from short sleeves to sweaters, you might want to update your daily jewelry selection or even create a personalized jewelry capsule. Birthstone jewelry is always a great place to start but if you aren’t sure where to go from there, keep reading to stay on top of what’s trending and gaze at inspiring designs by American Gem Society (AGS) members! Birthstone Jewelry There are many beautiful birthstones

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Four Fun Facts About Sapphire

By Kimberly Tate, Content Specialist, American Gem Society and AGS Laboratories A new month means we have a new birthstone(s) to celebrate! Sapphire, the birthstone of September, has been a cherished gem for thousands of years. In honor of this breathtaking gem, we’ve listed four fun facts about sapphire so you can learn more! 1. A Birthstone with Many Hues Although typically thought of as blue, sapphires come in a rainbow of colors. Its hues vary from violet, green, yellow, orange, pink, purple, and intermediate hues. Sapphires in any color but blue are called “fancies.” However, red is an exception

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