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Supplier Spotlight: Pompos Jewelry

Pompos, the namesake and founder of Pompos Jewelry, developed a fascination with jewelry making at a young age. In a short time, he realized he had a talent. He became one of the highest-paid and most coveted jewelers in Los Angeles. In the late 80s, Pompos partnered with a well-known jewelry brand to make a line of invisible-set diamonds that became a sensation in the industry.

In time, Pompos went on to form other partnerships with well-established jewelry brands and continued designing and innovating. In 2005, Pompos and his three sons—Rick, Alex, and Gabriel—opened Pompos Jewelry to offer their combined talents directly to retail stores.

Gabriel Angulo, president and CEO of Pompos Jewelry, shares what he and his brothers are most passionate about.

“My eldest brother, Rick, is an awesome jeweler, but his passion lies in designing and creating our jewelry with a 3D-design program.

“My older brother, Alex, shares the same passion as our father for jewelry making; he started at a very young age and absorbed all of our father’s teachings and knowledge. Today, he is the master jeweler at our company.

“I am the youngest of the three, and my passion has been in diamonds, colored stones, and fine jewelry. But the one thing I enjoy the most is starting friendships and gaining lifelong customers. Together we have built an unmatched team dedicated to quality craftsmanship, service, and beautiful designs.”

With all these combined talents and years of experience, what advice does Pompos Jewelry have for anyone looking to start a career in jewelry design?

“Choose one thing, master it, and have the humility to realize that you will never know everything and there is always room for improvement,” says Gabriel. “Always be making connections and stay close to those with a good reputation.”

To Pompos Jewelry, reputation is everything. It’s one of the reasons they joined the American Gem Society (AGS). “AGS is well recognized for their high standards of knowledge and business practices. It is an honor for my firm to be a member of AGS because we get to be among those with excellent reputations and we also get to make new connections with some firms who are the best at what they do,” says Gabriel.

The team at Pompos Jewelry is excited to share some news with the AGS community. They were awarded Grand Prize, 1st Place and Retailer’s Choice in Platinum Jewelry for INSTORE Design Awards 2022. “We are thrilled to have won the INSTORE design competition this year because, for the first time, a design of ours is under our own name!” says Gabriel.

Gabriel adds that they are very proud of their award-winning design, the La Flamme ring. “It brought all of their family’s knowledge and experience together to be able to execute it in our quality, so much so that we will never make the same design again.”

To learn more about Pompos Jewelry, visit

And if you’re heading to Centurion Jewelry Show in Phoenix, AZ, January 28–February 1, 2023, stop by their booth at M-512 and say hello!