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Negotiation Skills: Top Tips and Tactics

Life is negotiation. We encounter it every day, personally and professionally. This year’s focus for Confluence, a virtual half-day event, will be on the key areas of negotiation that you can use at home, in sales, or for daily interactions.

You’ll hear from four professional speakers who are top-level experts in negotiation and sales. They’ll provide you with tools and tactics to help sharpen your negotiation skills—for yourself, your business partners, and consumers.

Kate Vitasek is one of these speakers, and she has a special message about her Confluence session. Take a look at her video!

From 9:00 a.m. PT to 12:45 p.m. PT, Confluence provides you with a wealth of information that you’ll want to use right away! Plus, enjoy networking breaks to share ideas with other members, or take a few moments to refresh and recharge.

To check out the full schedule and to register, click below.

Added bonus: Included with your registration fee, you’ll have on-demand access to the recorded sessions until November 22, 2022!

Questions? Contact [email protected].

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Many thanks to our Presenting Sponsor, GIA, for making Confluence possible for the AGS community!