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Celebrating 90 Years of Excellence, Innovation, and Trust: The American Gem Society

Dear Member,

Welcome to a unique journey as we mark the 90th anniversary of the American Gem Society, a milestone that reflects our storied past and heralds an exciting future. In 1934, during a transformative era for the jewelry industry, a visionary named Robert M. Shipley created a society dedicated to excellence and integrity to complement its unrivaled sibling organization, GIA (Gemological Institute of America).

His vision brought about more than a simple change. It was a renaissance that reshaped how the world perceived and interacted with the world of gems and jewelry.

Robert Shipley’s dream was clear and compelling: to revolutionize the jewelry industry not just from within but in the eyes of the consumer. His legacy, built on the pillars of knowledge, language, and unwavering ethical standards, aimed to arm retailers and vendors with unparalleled expertise and a network of like-minded professionals.

This dream was about more than just selling gems; it was about instilling a culture of integrity and transparency in every transaction, showcasing each piece’s true beauty and value through dedicated professionals who honed their craft through education.

Fast forward to today, and the essence of Shipley’s vision still resonates powerfully. AGS has embraced change and innovation over the past nine decades, keeping pace with an always-evolving industry. Today, we stand at the forefront of a complex, dynamic world, continuing to inspire trust, foster professional excellence, and uphold the highest standards in the jewelry industry.

As we celebrate this remarkable 90-year journey, we invite you to explore our rich history and join us in looking forward to a future filled with promise, new ideas, and continued dedication to the principles that have guided us since our inception. Together, let’s commemorate the past, embrace the present, and forge a bright, dynamic future, staying true to the dream of Robert M. Shipley—a thriving, professional jewelry industry built on a foundation of trust and excellence.

Welcome to our 90th-anniversary celebration—where history and the future shine equally bright.

Happy 90th,

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Katherine Bodoh, RJ
CEO, American Gem Society

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