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Confluence 2022



Phil M Jones

Phil M Jones thinks and acts differently. His precise insights around communication added to a proven personal pedigree of peak performance and a richness of real-world experience mean that Phil is the kind of thought leader whose counsel is sought by other thought leaders.

He believes with a passion that the answer to increased success in every area of life is to ask better questions; to focus on the quality of conversation as well as quantity, and that, quite often, the difference between you, and all the others, is knowing exactly what to say, when to say it, and how to make more of your conversations count.

Phil is best known for his international best-selling bookExactly What to Say – The Magic Words for Influence and Impact, and his vast experience as a professional speaker at conferences and events. However, often overlooked is the strategic intellect he provides behind the scenes for some of the world’s biggest brands to understand their critical conversations and the success language required to maximize their effectiveness.

To date, more than 800 different industries across 59 countries and five continents have benefited from his input. Trusted by dynamic and aspiring leaders in healthcare, real estate, automotive, financial services, SaaS, home improvement, retail, and many more—Phil is the kind of expert that achieves his success through the people he supports and adores seeing others shine.

A few noteworthy accolades include:

  • An entrepreneurial success story and founder of five multi-million-dollar companies
  • One of less than 200 living members of the National Speakers Association Hall of Fame
  • Innovator of the highly coveted “How to Persuade” audible production
  • Author of seven best-selling business books and one gorgeous children’s book

His mission is simple: To help great people, get better. Because a relentless focus on getting better means that better soon beats the current best.


Kate Vitasek

Kate Vitasek is an international authority for her award-winning research and Vested® business model for highly collaborative relationships. Vitasek, a faculty member at the University of Tennessee, has been lauded by World Trade Magazine as one of the “Fabulous 50 Plus One” most influential people impacting global commerce.

Her pioneering work has led to seven books, including Vested: How P&G, McDonald’s and Microsoft Are Redefining Winning in Business Relationships, Getting to We: Negotiating Agreements for Highly Collaborative Relationships, and Contracting in the New Economy. Vitasek’s work also won the Supply Chain Council’s Academic Advancement award for its impact on advancing business.

Vitasek is recognized internationally for her practical and research-based advice for driving transformation and innovation through highly collaborative and strategic partnerships. She has appeared on CNN International, Bloomberg, NPR, and Fox Business News. In addition, her work has been featured in over 300 articles in publications, including Harvard Business Review, Forbes, Chief Executive Magazine, CIO Magazine, The Wall Street Journal, Journal of Commerce, World Trade Magazine, and Intelligent Sourcing.

Prior to joining the University of Tennessee, Vitasek’s storied career included positions with P&G, Microsoft, Accenture, Stream International, and founding Supply Chain Visions—a boutique-consulting firm recognized by ARC Advisory Group as one of the “10 Coolest” Boutique Consulting firms.


Victor Antonio

Sales trainer and consultant Victor Antonio is one of the most dynamic speakers on the subject of sales influence and persuasion.  He is the author of 14 books on sales and motivation.  His most recent book Mastering the Upsell focuses on how you can increase your revenues by selling more to prospects or existing clients.  He is also the founder of the SalesVelocityAcademy.com, an online sales training platform with over 60 courses and 500+ videos.  


Tony Perzow

A former negotiation trainer at the Karrass Organization and Vice President of negotiation training at Strategic Pricing Associates, Tony’s mission is to help others be insanely successful. His keynote presentations shatter the myths and misconceptions that prevent most companies and individuals

from negotiating effectively. He blends the 30,000-foot view with in-the-trenches experience and practical tools to create immediate and lasting change. As a result, your audience will never think about leaving money on the table the same way again. And they will leave with concrete actions, ideas, and techniques they can use to negotiate bigger and more profitable outcomes.

A polished and engaging speaker, Tony has trained top executives from many leading Fortune 500 companies. His upcoming book, You Suck at Negotiating – But You Don’t Have To, goes beyond the theory of negotiating by providing practical, action-oriented information. Before his career as a negotiation trainer, Tony was a top sales performer, procurement specialist, and entrepreneur. He’s been a buyer and seller of some of the world’s largest closeouts, negotiating with such companies as Walmart, Amazon, and Costco. He’s also been a successful restaurateur, real-estate developer, and award-winning film producer.

Most speakers strive for applause. Tony aims to get you the results you need to win the game of negotiation. He will help you become clear on winning, figure out how to get there, and get it done!