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Tell Your Professional Story With Badges

We all love a good story. Whether we read it in a novel, experience it in a movie, or hear it from a friend, stories keep us riveted and we want to remember them so we can tell others. As an industry professional, you recognize the importance of storytelling when it comes to selling a piece of jewelry.

Tell Your Story With a Digital Badge

When a potential customer clicks on your digital badge, they’re taken to a dedicated page that tells them what you’ve accomplished in order to earn this unique honor. Click here to see an example.

Our Digital Badging Program has a multitude of benefits and uses, such as:

  • Identifies your skills, knowledge, accomplishments, and competencies
  • Inspires learning
  • Signifies community
  • A great resource for networking

The annual recertification exam has launched! As an AGS titleholder, this is another great opportunity to let customers know how hard you’ve worked. You’ve earned it—share it!

How do you get started? Click below to watch a brief video that Lauren Johansen, CSA, Director of Membership Strategy and Experience, recorded for her Membership Monday series in the AGS Facebook group. She shows you how to access your badge, share it, and promote it in just a few simple steps!

Contact the Marketing team at [email protected] if you have questions or need assistance with claiming your digital badge.

Confluence 2021 Digital Badge
Registered Jeweler (RJ) Digital Badge
AGS Mentor Program Digital Badge