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Sustaining Firm Spotlight: Podium

When it comes to jewelry sales, building relationships is a cornerstone of success. Scott Allred, Sales Manager – Jewelry at Podium, previously owned a jewelry store and recognizes the importance of trusted relationships in the jewelry industry.

As a member of the American Gem Society (AGS), he attests to the organization being a prime space for finding and cultivating these connections. Allred shares, “Building trusted relationships is definitely one of the keys to success in the jewelry industry, and AGS is a great place to find and build those connections.”

Podium offers an all-in-one lead management and communication platform for jewelry businesses to acquire and convert more customers and outpace competitors. “Podium makes it easy to get more leads and drive more sales by automating review requests, consolidating your lead channels, and enabling faster responses with automation,” says Allred. “Jewelry stores can call and text their customers from Podium’s web and mobile app, which include payment links and bulk messaging to drive repeat business—all delivered from one easy-to-use dashboard.”

Podium was founded in 2014 by Eric Rea and Dennis Steele after Eric got a frustrated call from his dad, who owned a tire shop. His dad’s shop had plenty of happy customers, but only a handful of angry ones were leaving reviews. So, Eric and Dennis built a product that made getting more reviews as easy as sending a text.

As they set out to solve the same problem for local businesses everywhere, they realized that messaging with customers wasn’t just the better way to get reviews—it’s the best way to do business. Since then, Podium has become a multi-product platform powered by artificial intelligence (AI).

Allred recognizes that while each product serves a specific purpose, their combined use maximizes benefits for businesses. To help retailers navigate these offerings, Podium engages in a thorough consultation process. Allred explains, “We walk through their current business and marketing practices to understand which tools could improve their business.”

All of Podium’s jewelry customers have a dedicated account manager with industry expertise who works hand-in-hand with retailers to get the most out of Podium’s platform, including leveraging tools they already use.

Podium has several new products and integrations they think jewelry retailers will be excited about. One is the introduction of Podium Phones, which combine the power of a VoIP phone system, text messages, and customer data in a single communication tool. This integration allows jewelry businesses to connect with leads and customers faster.

Their AI capabilities are expanding, too, with an AI assistant providing call summaries and facilitating faster responses to emails and reviews through pre-approved auto-responses.

Lastly, Podium’s integration with The Edge allows jewelers to set up automated review invitations after a satisfied customer experience, along with SMS messaging for repairs, birthdays, and anniversary notifications.

AGS members are in for an exclusive benefit, as they receive a 25% discount on all Podium annual agreements. Click here to learn more and see a demo of Podium’s platforms.