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Supplier Spotlight: LuvMyJewelry


“You have to leave the city of your comfort and go into the wilderness of your intuition. You can only get there by hard work and risk, and by not quite knowing what you’re doing. But what you’ll discover will be wonderful.”

Sujan Doshi, founder and CEO of LuvMyJewelry (LMJ), still remembers these words from actor Alan Alda. The latter was quoted by ESPN legend, Michael Wilbon, when he addressed Sujan’s Northwestern University graduating class. “His words are a constant reminder to follow your passions and muster the courage to take risks,” says Sujan.

LMJ was born in New York City at the intersection of Sujan’s passions: fashion, retail, jewelry, and writing. His interest in fashion and retail emerged during his years as a working professional in Chicago and New York City. During this time, he witnessed men’s fashion evolve with Trunk Club, Gilt, and Bonobos leading at the forefront.

Sujan Doshi, founder and CEO of LuvMyJewelry (LMJ)
Sujan Doshi, founder and CEO of LuvMyJewelry (LMJ)

“I was inspired by how these companies redefined the shopping experience for apparel by curating highly-personalized experiences for consumers,” explains Sujan. “My interest in the jewelry industry stemmed from growing up around my family’s fine jewelry and diamond wholesale businesses and felt that more could be done to forge a human connection in this space. I had always been a writer and enjoyed dabbling in verse, but mostly as a hobby. I wrote about things by which I was inspired. I thought if I put together my poetry with jewelry, I could create something more meaningful and build a lasting connection with customers.”

The design process at LMJ starts with Sujan’s poetry, which they encapsulate into different collections. Every handmade piece comes with an inspirational poem in the LMJ box. With 50+ retail partners carrying LMJ, Sujan says it is exciting and humbling to see their unique, poetry-driven designs resonate with customers across the U.S.

As a new member of the American Gem Society (AGS), Sujan cannot wait to engage with store owners. “I could not be more thrilled to be a part of the AGS community—a group of driven individuals who exude passion, uphold the highest ethical standards, and share a desire to connect with each other.” Sujan adds, “My first AGS Conclave in Oklahoma City this year had me wowed! The experience transcended relevant classes and exceptional speakers!”

Staying in the know of the latest jewelry trends is what LMJ is all about. They confess to being “trend-obsessed!” Sujan gives us some good ideas as to what consumers want.

“This season, individuals are gravitating towards jewelry that is playful, personalized, and a reflection of who they are. Zodiac signs and birthstone jewelry, sprinkled across necks and fingers, are excellent conversation starters and will continue to be on-trend. A quick selfless plug—check out our Cosmic and La Vie Collections!

“Mixing metals is our jam and will continue to rock 2022, whether it’s in stacking bangles, layering necklaces, or wearing two-tone rings.

“We will continue seeing jewelers and jewelry lovers push for a more sustainable approach to making and buying jewelry. Whether finding ways to be kinder to the environment or responsibly and ethically sourcing gemstones, this overarching shift towards environmentally-conscious decisions will continue this season.

“Gen-Z will continue to reimagine how earrings are worn, with a growing trend towards studs, ear crawlers, and ear cuffs.”

LMJ recently launched their newest collection, La Vie. This 14K gold collection is made with natural diamonds and features twelve natural birthstones across five gemstone cuts (ovals, rounds, cushions, emeralds, and pears). “The collection is dainty and timeless, with matching ring and necklace sets that are perfect for gifting,” says Sujan. “Our customers resonate with La Vie as they enjoy stacking the rings and layering the necklaces.”

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