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June 3, 2022

Jewelry Dads Give Advice on Jewelry for Father’s Day

By Donna Jolly, RJ, Director of Marketing, American Gem Society and AGS Laboratories Growing up, my dad gave me great gifts: a bike, Barbies, and books to expand my mind and imagination. In contrast, every Father’s Day, I gave him socks. As I grew, the gifts got better, but I could never capture the magical feeling I felt when I opened the gifts he gave me. Some of the most popular gifts purchased for Father’s Day are electronics, gift cards (guilty), dinner or lunch (also guilty), and clothing (socks are clothing). Compare that to Mother’s Day, where one of the

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AGS PRO: Spotting Thieves, Appraisal Process, and Omni-Channel Model

Did you know that AGS PRO provides 24/7, on-demand access to a variety of educational resources from industry experts—for free? Take a look at what we’ve recently added! Distraction Thieves: How to Spot Them, How to Stop Them By The Zing Report Distraction thieves are criminals who use tactics of distraction to draw the attention of store employees away from a theft perpetrated by themselves or someone they’re partnering with. In this article from The Zing Report, you will learn helpful tips to spot these types of perpetrators. Click here to view the article. The Appraiser’s Corner By Joel Hassler,

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Supplier Spotlight: LuvMyJewelry

“You have to leave the city of your comfort and go into the wilderness of your intuition. You can only get there by hard work and risk, and by not quite knowing what you’re doing. But what you’ll discover will be wonderful.” Sujan Doshi, founder and CEO of LuvMyJewelry (LMJ), still remembers these words from actor Alan Alda. The latter was quoted by ESPN legend, Michael Wilbon, when he addressed Sujan’s Northwestern University graduating class. “His words are a constant reminder to follow your passions and muster the courage to take risks,” says Sujan. LMJ was born in New York

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What is Your Healthcare Coverage Strategy?

By Jeremy Mclendon, Healthcare is one of the most expensive line items on your balance sheet. Yet, for decades now, small businesses have been conditioned to look at health insurance in 12-month intervals instead of a long-term strategical lens. What if there was a way to look at health insurance as a vehicle to sustainably lower long-term operational costs? Most employers have a strategy for growth, for sales, for their workers’ comp/business insurance, and everything in between, but not health insurance. Large companies have the resources and infrastructure on their side to help control healthcare costs. They also have

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