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Supplier Spotlight: Facets of Fire

When it comes to the diamonds from Facets of Fire, seeing is truly believing. There is no need for special viewing devices to observe the radiant bursts of color displayed by a Facets of Fire diamond.

“There is an instant, incredible reaction from both consumers and retailers,” says Glenn Markman, CG, president and CEO of Facets of Fire. “One of our retailers, Calhoun Jewelers, had a customer who was stopped in the grocery store by a stranger, inquiring about the unimaginable level of colorful brilliance that was shining from her ring. She had to ask because she had never seen a diamond sparkle like that. Our customers are excited to wear these show-stopping diamonds and become the envy of all of their friends.”

The diamonds behind Facets of Fire started with a young scientist who bought a diamond engagement ring that seemed to lose its sparkle once he got home. The next day, something clicked. A project he was working on used equipment to etch silicon wafers, so he decided to put the diamond into the machine and began etching nano-prisms to the underside of the diamond. The additional nano-prisms improved the overall visual appearance and light performance of the diamond.

“After meeting with the scientist and seeing his beautiful diamond, I quickly realized that this was the most significant innovation in diamond cutting in 100 years, and I wanted to be a part of this new endeavor,” says Glenn. “With my partner, Robert Goldstein, we began trying to perfect this new cutting technique. We spent years on R&D with help from our friends at the American Gem Society and GIA, to unleash a natural diamond’s full potential.”

Facets of Fire technology is now protected by six national and international patents. The latest U.S. Patent No. 10,893,727 obtained in 2020, confirms this technology is unique and different from anything previously patented or available to the public.

Glenn is proud of all their Facets of Fire designs. They manufacture well-made, timeless designs such as their Three Stone Rings, Five Stone Bands, Eternity Bands, Stud Earrings, Hoops and Huggie earrings, Diamond Line Bracelets, and Rivera Necklaces.

“We reinvent the basics by taking the jewelry every woman wants to own and elevating them with our revolutionary diamonds,” says Glenn. “The result is jewelry that is really special. Jewelry that your friends and neighbors will notice and say, ‘I have the same style, why is yours so much brighter, nicer, more beautiful?’”

Facets of Fire Diamonds recently introduced an immersive diamond Shop In Shop experience. It features an expanded selection of exciting Facets of Fire diamond, bridal, and fashion jewelry in a dedicated in-store boutique space. As a part of the Facets of Fire commitment to implement a larger footprint, the Shop In Shop will feature elegant displays, product demonstrations, video edutainment, and vivid lighting. Customers will witness the unimaginable burst of color, fire, and sparkle of Facets of Fire as never before. The Facets of Fire™ Shop In Shop will continue to roll out to select markets.