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AGS Announces “Sparkle Sessions” for IGTV

AGS Retailers, are you ready for your close-up? We are excited to tell you about our new Instagram Series, “Sparkle Sessions” starring…you!

The American Gem Society’s “Sparkle Sessions” is a new short-form video series appearing on our new IGTV channel on Instagram. The first video has launched, starring Nikia Levesque, the Marketing Manager from Day’s Jewelers. Click here to view it now!

Each segment stars an AGS jeweler telling the audience about a piece of jewelry in their store, and highlighting the special features of the piece. It’s your chance to talk about the jewelry you love, and let consumers know why it’s special while showcasing your expertise in jewelry and gemstones.

How do you participate? Easy!

  • The jewelry used in the video can be a custom piece from your store or an AGS supplier. Please note: we cannot promote jewelry from vendors who are not AGS members. Click here to search for an AGS Supplier.
  • You (or members of your team) are the star of the video! Film your video on a smartphone, via a computer webcam, or have someone else film it.
  • Explain to consumers why you love the piece and why it’s special. Want to show a couple of pieces of jewelry? Go for it! Make your video fun and educational, but please keep it under 10 minutes.
  • Please Note: All videos submitted to the American Gem Society must be fully edited before submitting. Send your video to [email protected].

To view our complete guidelines, click the button below:

Our goal with the American Gem Society’s “Sparkle Sessions” is to help consumers understand the benefits of shopping with an AGS jeweler, and it’s an opportunity to showcase how awesome our community of jewelers is to a larger audience. We want consumers to walk into your store, and say, “We want to shop with an AGS jeweler!”

We hope to see your video soon!

Have questions? Email [email protected].