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Secure Jewelry Deliveries: Best Practices for Every Shipment

By Jewelers Mutual® Group

As a jeweler, providing exceptional customer experiences extends beyond the sale. Ensuring jewelry arrives safely and securely is paramount. Fortunately, by implementing some key practices, you can significantly reduce the risk of shipping losses.

1. Prioritize Signature Confirmation
With relaxed signature practices due to various protocols, relying solely on carrier delivery scans can be risky. Upgrading to “Adult Signature” provides the optimal protection for valuable jewelry. This ensures packages require direct handoff to an adult recipient, minimizing the chance of misplacing or losing packages.

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2. Consider Delivery Locations
Multi-occupancy buildings pose challenges for ensuring packages reach the intended recipient. Research the building’s handling protocols beforehand. Consider alternative delivery options like direct delivery to the recipient or holding for pickup at a carrier facility to reduce uncertainty.

3. Track Shipments and Maintain Communication
Keeping both yourself and your customer informed about package status is crucial. Update your customer on expected delivery and confirm receipt. This transparency allows for prompt action in case of issues and helps you comply with insurance requirements for loss reporting within 30 days.

4. Avoid Risky Shipping Locations
Though drop boxes can seem like a quick and efficient solution for package deliveries, the use of them voids all insurance coverage. It’s important to avoid all kinds of drop boxes or mail receptacles and obtain a system-generated carrier receipt for each shipment.

When in doubt—always send to locations where you are certain a recipient signature at the time of delivery or carrier-generated receipt will be given.

5. Encourage Customers to Avoid Signature Waivers
Reminding your customers not to keep a waiver or release of a signature on file with the carrier is important because it allows the package to be dropped off without a signature at the time of delivery. This significantly increases the chances of a package ending up in the wrong hands.

Note: even though your recipient may not have put a waiver in place, one may exist from a prior tenant.

6. Understand Your Coverage
While you likely know the basics of what is covered by your policy, there may be some question on where exactly coverage begins and ends for each of your shipments. Taking the time to educate yourself on the ins and outs of your coverage and reaching out to your agent when you’re looking for clarification can make all the difference when it comes to loss prevention.

These considerations and best practices not only will give both you and your recipient peace of mind and help ensure successful deliveries—they will also help you create more trusting relationships with your customers, so they feel confident coming back and purchasing from you in the future.

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