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Ever since its inception in 1996, AGS Laboratories has graded only white diamonds. That is no longer the case. Welcome to a new kind of diamond grading report: the AGS Laboratories Colored Diamond Document.

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The new AGS Laboratories Colored Diamond Document presents the technical aspects and nuances of fancy colored diamond grading with content and graphics that are easy to understand—as well as easy to communicate—to the jewelry buyer. The AGS Laboratories Colored Diamond Document combines visual language with an intuitive design to communicate the qualities of a diamond consistent with how people perceive color—with not only their eyes, but their emotions.

The dynamic nature of color in a diamond is described by breaking the color down into the components, Intensity and Accents. This provides a more accurately descriptive color description in terms that are simple and easily understood. Other systems use color descriptions that could be used to describe a flat or opaque color.

The perceived color is communicated along with the diamond’s character. Character is what sets this system apart from others.

Every diamond has its own personality. With the addition of the diamond’s Character grade, the description brings this to life. The Character grade of the diamond is the overall appearance of the diamond, combining the intensity, accent color, accent strength, and distribution of color and depth variations throughout the diamond.

A “Rich” character determination expresses a more saturated strength of accent color in a deeper, more intensely colored diamond with an even distribution of color. A “Pure” determination describes the absence of accent color, which results in a classic pure brown.

Beyond the visual determination of the color grade, AGS Laboratories uses a patented and proprietary technology to assess how light travels in a diamond. This technology can be used to predict how color will appear to the observer. AGS Laboratories also uses spectral analysis to provide further support for what the observer sees. This may sound quite technical, but AGS Laboratories is committed to providing the best grading possible, utilizing science as well as straightforward and intuitive reporting.

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