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Now Streaming on IGTV: “Sparkle Sessions”

There’s no such thing as sparkling too much, and now you can add a little more with the “American Gem Society’s Sparkle Sessions!”

“Sparkle Sessions” is a short series on our IGTV channel, which allows us to give you an inside scoop on AGS jewelers’ favorite and, of course, sparkly jewelry! Each episode will feature an AGS jeweler speaking to you about the jewelry they love while highlighting special features. As they explain why their sparkly favorites are so special, they’ll also be showcasing their expertise in jewelry and gemstones.

Our first “Sparkle Sessions” features Nikia Levesque, the Marketing Manager at Day’s Jewelers. She says, “Day’s Jewelers is thrilled to be part of American Gem Society’s Sparkle Session Series. This is a great way for us as jewelers to directly reach customers with interesting facts about jewelry, brands, or collections we carry in our store and ultimately share our knowledge of the trade in a fun and casual manner.

“One of our company’s core values focuses on trust, so it is imperative to Day’s that we are always providing our customers with reliable information and superior product. We value our partnership with the American Gem Society because they are continually ensuring that jewelers and AGS members protect their customers by providing leading gemological knowledge and upholding ethical business practices.”

Sparkle Sessions on IGTV Announcement
Not only is Day’s committed to exceeding your expectations, but they also govern under the philosophy that they appreciate every customer and treats them like a king—that means you! And what’s a king without sparkly jewelry? Speaking of all things sparkly, here are some lovely pieces featured on our Trending Now page, where you can find the latest jewelry from our AGS members. Click on each image for a closer look!

And if those aren’t sparkly enough, you can find a jeweler to further assist you in looking for a piece of jewelry that’s perfect for you.

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