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4 Easy Ways to Say Thank You After the Holidays

Tuesday, January 7, 2020  
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By Jewelers Mutual Insurance Group

Now that the holiday hustle and bustle is over, don’t forget to thank your customers. "Thank you" is one of the most important things you can say to a customer to build lasting relationships in business.

It’s such a simple gesture but it makes a lasting impression. Strengthen your customer relationships and build loyalty by remembering to check up after the sale and always say thank you.

When is the last time you reached out to thank your customers? Something more than a “Thanks for Shopping With Us” sign on your door.

Jewelry businesses that focus on creating meaningful customer experiences are able to compete on loyalty and word-of-mouth.

According to Shopify Inc., 68% of businesses have lost a customer because they feel a company is indifferent to them. Nearly half of U.S. consumers say appreciation for them as a customer is an indispensable part of providing excellent service.

A little thank you can go a long way. Here are four easy ways to say thank you after holiday sales.

  1. Handwritten thank you notes. What makes handwritten thank you notes so special is that they are a lost art. It’s easy to send a quick email, but a handwritten note shows you took the time and truly appreciate their business.

    Use nice stationary or cards that are unique to your brand and personalize by using the customer’s name.
  2. Pearls of Wisdom brochureInclude a little something in the package. Before you seal the envelopes and mail those thank you cards, add a little something extra to delight your customer. Jewelers Mutual offers the perfect inserts at no cost to jewelers.

    The Pearls of Wisdom brochure provides valuable information on keeping jewelry safe, clean, and protected. They also offer a brochure containing information about personal jewelry insurance for those treasured pieces.
  3. Offer a discount on next purchase. Reward loyal customers with discounts and coupons toward their next purchase. This is a great way to keep them coming back while thanking them for being a customer.

    Be sure to make the discount cost-effective to your customer as well as your business's bottom line.
  4. Share sneak peeks. With a new year comes new designs. Everyone loves to feel like they have the inside scoop. Let your customers view your newest inventory before the general public and promote it as such.

There are so many unique ways to say thank you. Remember to be personal, thoughtful, and genuine and you’ll be sure to create a lasting impression and keep customers for life.

Another great way to say thank you is by extending service after the sale. Jewelers Mutual has several premium service jeweler programs to support store owners with that very thing. These programs are a great way to grow your business and enhance the overall customer experience.


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