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May 18–21, 2024, in Detroit where GIA will speak on Jewelry Forensics

Several AGS members are planning to attend The Jewelry Symposium (TJS), the jewelry industry’s annual international event dedicated specifically to the advancement of jewelry manufacturing technology.

Linus Drogs of AGS Member company Au Enterprises and Ann Cahoon of AGS Member company Long’s Jewelers both serve on the board and plan to attend, and Al Gilbertson of AGS partner GIA will give a talk during the symposium dedicated to the topic of Jewelry Forensics. TJS will be held in Detroit, Michigan, from May 18 to May 21, 2024, at the Detroit Marriott, Troy.

Linus Drogs, President and CEO of AGS member Au Enterprises, commented, “Similar to AGS, the team at TJS has a strong focus on education, continuing the ground-breaking work of the previous and highly regarded Santa Fe Symposium, with the specific goal of eliminating information-sharing barriers within our industry, especially on the technology side.”

One example of the type of educational material covered at TJS includes an overview of jewelry forensics from GIA’s Al Gilbertson. This fascinating talk will include expert tips regarding how to identify hand-fabricated components, cast components, CAD/CAM manufactured components, and cast-in-place gemstones, as an example.

Ann Cahoon, Director of Manufacturing and Repair for AGS member Long’s Jewelers, says, “This year in Detroit, I am excited to hear some of the speakers and panels covering the very latest in jewelry-making technology. This type of symposium can change the trajectory of one’s career in the jewelry industry. It certainly did mine when I first attended. There is something for everyone—whether you are a student or a veteran designer or manufacturer or even a retailer with bench jewelers in your store, there is a wealth of information and inspiration at TJS 2024, which you will find useful.”

For more information on the event, visit or contact Linus ([email protected]) or Ann ([email protected]).