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This Month's Session Spotlights

Wednesday, December 5, 2018  
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Nashville Conclave students

This month, we are highlighting our first three, 2019 breakout sessions. One will help you understand country of origin for emeralds, another will offer insight on how to create an exceptional customer experience, and the third session will help you understand financial documents and how to move your business forward.

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Emerald: Country of Origin Determination
Shane McClure and Brenda Harwick, GIA

This lecture and lab session will utilize specimens from GIA’s country of origin sample collection. Sourced directly through our field research efforts, this collection will be used to teach the fundamentals of determining the country of origin for emerald. Participants will learn the visual, inclusion, and chemistry factors that lead to country of origin opinions. They will also use microscopes during the lab session to identify inclusions in samples used by the GIA Laboratory.

After completing this advanced seminar, students will have an understanding of the characteristics that indicate the country of origin for emerald and the complexities involved.


Creating Exceptional Customer Experiences and Turning Your Customers Into Advocates
Douglas Brown, Michaels Jewelers

How can we keep our customers coming back to us? What do we have to do to create the connection that will make them active advocates for us? What kind of difference would that make in our businesses? Exceptional experiences lead to loyalty advocacy.

The experience we provide to our customers is a direct reflection of the experience we provide for our own people. When our purpose is clear and aligned, we unlock the energy and engagement to take sustained action and build the trust that leads to success. Trust among our team, which projects to customers, leads to sales and ultimately advocacy.

In this interactive session, you will gain fresh perspectives to achieve your sales goals, and you will learn a new formula that you can use right away to unlock your potential, connect with and motivate your team, and turn your customers into your advocates.


Making Money Count: Essential Financial Tips for Your Jewelry Business
Mariel Diaz, Accounting for Jewelers

Are you busy counting money or are you making your money count? In this informative session, Mariel Diaz, founder and managing director of Accounting for Jewelers, will help you understand financial documents and strategies that move your business forward.

She will provide simple illustrations that enable you to operate efficiently, effectively, and confidently. Learn how to maximize the profits from your creativity and craftsmanship by making informed business decisions.

This session is being offered by the Women's Jewelry Association as part of its Gender Equality Project, which aims to close the gender gap by making leadership opportunities and professional development education available to women in the jewelry and watch industries.


Mission Statement

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