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How to Get Customers to Connect With You Quickly

The Find a Jeweler (FAJ) search on makes it faster and easier for potential customers to find your business. We want to ensure that customers are able to connect with you once they click on your profile, and we need your help!

It is important that your primary email address is updated in your member profile so that future customers can connect more easily with you via the handy “Contact” forms located within FAJ. When a potential customer fills out the form, it will be sent directly to your inbox!

Please follow these quick steps to review and update your Member Profile to your satisfaction:

  • Go to and click on My Profile in the upper right-hand corner. Please be sure to use your firm’s login credentials (not your individual). Once you’ve signed in, you’ll land on your profile’s About page.
  • Next, review your contact information on your About page. Scroll down the page to ensure your contact information is correct. To edit, click in the field you want to update and start typing.
    • Under “Professional Information,” update your FAJ Contact Email field if needed. This enables the “Contact” form in your FAJ profile so consumers can easily reach you.
  • When your updates are complete, scroll down to the very bottom of the page and click Save Changes. This will return you to your profile page, where you can verify that your changes have been made.
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Want to make a quick update from your mobile device? Just scan the QR code. It'll take you to the Member Profile login page, prompting you to sign in to your firm's account (not individual).
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Your profile also displays the titleholder levels of each credentialed team member, as well as digital badges that demonstrate the members’ continuing education like Conclave and the recertification exam. Visit to learn more about the Digital Badging Program, the benefits, and how to download and use your badge!