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Garnet in Many Shades

By Anna Samsonova, CGA, Ben Bridge Jeweler

This January birthstone has a deep history and comes in many colors.

Although birthstones have now been established and represent the 12 months of the year, this wasn’t always the case. Birthstones were first associated with Aaron’s (Exodus) breastplate, and believed to be for the 12 zodiac signs. In modern times, most people only associate with their own birthstone, throughout history it was believed to be lucky to wear the birthstone for each month. Currently, the accepted zodiac and monthly birthstones are different, and some months are even lucky to have options!
We start the year off with Garnet, usually a deep red color. Did you know though, that Garnet comes in many shades and colors? My personal favorite are Green Garnets. The color options don’t stop there, they can also be anywhere from purplish to orange. Garnets received their name from the pomegranate fruit, dating back to ancient Greece.
All birthstones are believed to have different meanings and healing properties. Garnets are said to act as a deterrent of depression and thought to bring patience.
January babies, if the typical deep red isn’t your color, don’t worry. Step out of the box and pick a garnet of a different color!