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Take Your Career to the Next Level: Apply for the Beatrice Shipley Scholarship!

If your goal is to become an AGS Certified Gemologist® (CG), here’s an opportunity you won’t want to miss! Kickstart your career by applying for the American Gem Society (AGS) and GIA Beatrice Shipley Scholarship.

This scholarship is named in honor of Beatrice Shipley—a business partner, confidante, and operations manager—who contributed so much to both AGS and GIA following their founding by her husband, Robert M. Shipley.

AGS members who would like to earn the AGS Certified Gemologist (CG) title, and are in good standing, are eligible to apply for the scholarship.

GIA will fund the full cost for the on-campus Graduate Gemologist (GG) Program in New York or Carlsbad to complement the full scholarship for the AGS Certified Gemologist (CG) title, which is funded by AGS. The recipient will be selected by AGS.

Beatrice and Robert Shipley

What makes this scholarship even more amazing? The recipient will also receive a complimentary registration to Conclave, April 15–17, 2024, in Austin, TX!

Both organizations share a similar mission of consumer protection and advancing the professionalism of the gem and jewelry trade. GIA and AGS continue to support one another, working closely to become stronger and more successful each year.

Interested applicants must apply by January 15, 2024.