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Diamond Grading

The AGS Laboratories Difference

The 4Cs

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AGS Laboratories

Before there was an AGS Laboratories, there were other diamond grading laboratories. However, their focus was on providing a service limited to the jewelry trade. The members of the American Gem Society, an elite group of jewelers bound by a mission of consumer protection, felt that the industry, as well as the consumer, would benefit from a laboratory held to a stricter standard of diamond grading — with a founding tenet of consumer protection first and foremost. That mission in mind, they created the AGS Laboratories.

Here's what you need to know:

Only one out of every twenty jewelers opt to meet the qualifications for AGS membership. And that doesn't guarantee entry. Each jeweler needs references from professionals in the industry and must be approved by a panel of peers.

We hold our member jewelers to the highest of standards, require annual recertification and provide hands-on training.

We're a not-for-profit organization. We put people before profit.

To find a jeweler see our list of knowledgeable and reputable retailers:

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