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5 Reasons why Watches aren't Passé

By Preston Wallace, K-Jon’s Fine Jewelers

The age of the smartphone has arrived. Everyone has one. At the press of a button, the time is displayed, and it’s always correct.  How can an old-fashioned watch compete with that?  The age of the watch has come and gone, right?  Nope.  I use my smartphone all the time, but I go nowhere without my watch.

The wristwatch as a timepiece has not gone out of style, nor will it in years to come.

Here are 5 reasons why.

1. A watch is a fashion piece.

Yes, it’s true.  A watch has been elevated to the status of “fashion.”  It is no longer simply practical, but rather something to go with an outfit or to show your true style. Men can wear anything from a wrist-covering giant to a small and simple watch face. Ladies, too, can choose from among a myriad of styles, from the oh-so-popular “boyfriend watch” craze to the tiny-yet-elegant diamond watch. There are thousands of different options, combining metal color, size, leather strap vs. metal, diamonds…. and the list goes on.

2. It’s a status symbol.

For something that was invented as a precision machine intended simply for practicality, the watch has become quite the status-setting accessory.  Case-in-point: A man who walks into the sales meeting with a brand-new gold Rolex demonstrates without any words that he is the top seller in the room. BMWs are a status symbol, but you can’t take them into a meeting.   A watch is always on, and always seen. Rolex_Daytona_Cosmograph

3. Ladies, if you feel that “it’s too hard to buy for men,” then a watch is a perfect solution.

For companies, a watch is a way to commemorate years of service.  From a husband to his wife, it’s a way to say “I love you” in a memorable way. A watch makes a perfect gift, because it’s such an interesting piece, it’s small and transportable and it holds much value. What’s more, it reminds the giver and recipient of a time in their lives–which brings me to my next point:

4. It’s a memory.

Whether it was the diamond Baume & Mercier he gave her for their 10th anniversary or the gold Hamilton his grandfather gave him, both watches hold memories. It’s a watch, but it’s also an emotional reminder that someone who loves you gave it to you.


5. It’s a timepiece.

Oh yeah!  They keep time, too!  Though watches aren’t absolutely necessary for timekeeping, they are convenient. You can pull out your phone, but in an age of instant gratification, why reach all the way into your pocket to check the time?

Whether you’re at the gym, in the office or in class, a flip of the wrist to check time is much simpler. Whether it’s defining your style, stating your position, giving a gift, treasuring a memory, or just keeping time; wearing a watch is surely not a forgotten and lost art.  They are here to stay.