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December 16, 2022

Are You Ready for the Digital Grading Report Evolution?

Grading reports are a staple of the jewelry industry. Though these documents are an important part of the diamond purchase, their physicality can have challenges. Enter digital reports. Many grading labs now provide the digital format among their product offerings. Recently, GIA announced that by 2025, all of their grading reports would be digital. Digital reports are a natural progression in an industry focused on innovation, streamlining efficiencies, and increasing sustainability. If digital reports are not part of your strategy, here are five benefits to consider. Ease of Access and Organization: For you, it means not thumbing through a filing

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How to Spot and Stop Holiday Distraction Theft

By Jewelers Mutual® Group The holidays pose a heightened threat of distraction theft for jewelry stores, as increased foot traffic and staffing shortages can create more opportunities for thieves to strike. We’ve put together a few steps you can take to spot and stop distraction theft this holiday season. What Is Distraction Theft? A group of criminals will work together to overwhelm sales associates to the point where one of the criminals in the group is not attended to and gains access to merchandise. These groups may enter the store together and disperse or they may enter separately. Although they

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JBT Q4 2022 Business Conditions Outlook

By The Jewelers Board of Trade “Feeling positive, but planning for good and preparing for any bad.” – Bill Skidmore, Skidmore Treasures LLC d/b/a Amore Jewelers Each year, The Jewelers Board of Trade (JBT) distributes a Business Conditions survey to retail and supplier members. The latest survey for Q4 2022 focused on four key areas: Q4 sales, new hires, inflation and its impact, and current supply chain issues. Here is a breakdown of what over 220 retailers and suppliers had to say. For a more comprehensive overview, check out our November 17, 2022, webinar, Is the Party Over? How to

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Supplier Spotlight: Windsor Jewelers, Inc.

In 1986, Windsor Jewelers, Inc. was founded by Paul Lubetsky in New York City’s Diamond District. Windsor initially focused on estate jewelry buying in their New York office and organizing estate buying events at retail stores across the United States and internationally. During the late 1990s, Windsor expanded into large-volume acquisitions of “Brand New Old Stock” from top manufacturers and brands. They acquired important collections from renowned brands such as Bulgari, Van Cleef & Arpels, Harry Winston, and Henry Dunay; invested in red-carpet favorite Marina B, and were the custodian of significant historical pieces, such as the Arcot II from

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Questions Answered: The AGS Ideal® Report

An Interview with John Carter, CGA, Chair of the AGS Laboratories Advisory Committee The new AGS Ideal® Report brought to you by GIA marks a milestone in our history. Retailers now have the unparalleled AGS Light Performance, backed by the rigorous science of GIA’s diamond grading reports in one convenient suite of documents. Consumers now have additional knowledge about a diamond to purchase it with confidence. At a price tag of only US$25 for the supplemental digital report, the AGS Ideal® Report is a great way to add value to your sales presentation and give your customers added confidence about

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