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Are You Ready for the Digital Grading Report Evolution?

Grading reports are a staple of the jewelry industry. Though these documents are an important part of the diamond purchase, their physicality can have challenges.

Enter digital reports. Many grading labs now provide the digital format among their product offerings. Recently, GIA announced that by 2025, all of their grading reports would be digital. Digital reports are a natural progression in an industry focused on innovation, streamlining efficiencies, and increasing sustainability.

If digital reports are not part of your strategy, here are five benefits to consider.

  1. Ease of Access and Organization: For you, it means not thumbing through a filing cabinet to locate the grading report. For your customer, a digital document can be bookmarked on their computer or stored in a digital wallet.
  2. Flexibility: You can have the best of both worlds. A digital document is always downloadable. However, if your customer insists on paper, you can print them at your store or business.
  3. Trust: Digital documents are easier to manage, are more secure, and build trust with your customer as they are linked directly to the laboratory’s website, assuring its authenticity.
  4. Enhances the Sales Process: With a digital report, you can keep your customer informed as you guide them through their own exploration of the document in a digital setting.
  5. Environment: This is the most well-known reason for going digital. In addition to wanting the companies they shop with to be more environmentally friendly, Gen-Z and Millennial consumers want these companies to help them become more environmentally friendly as well.
Digital Documents

Have you started using digital grading reports in your business? We want to hear from you and learn about your experience. We’re committed to helping our members learn about new business developments in the industry. Your input could help us better inform the community at large.