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Your Local Jeweler—a Family Tradition

By Donna Jolly, RJ
American Gem Society

It always makes the staff at the American Gem Society proud to see a member featured in the media. This article in Florida Today  especially struck a chord, though. It’s an interview with AGS Member, Genna Jewelers. The owners are Peter & Kateri Genna, who have two locations: one in Vierra and the other in Palm Bay. Peter is a CGA with the American Gem Society. What we loved about their interview, in particular, is that the Genna’s are finding that their clients’ children, many of whom are now grown, are coming to them for jewelry. They have done such a successful job of building trust with their client base that it is only natural that their clients’ kids view them as their jeweler, too.

Many members of the American Gem Society are second, third (and in the case of the Genna’s) fourth generation jewelers. They have built their business on tradition, family and building a strong reputation. Their efforts are paying off and the family jeweler is becoming just that: a business for the entire family. Just like the ice cream shop you visited with your parents when you were a kid, and now take your children. (Except the “Ice” part is more expensive and doesn’t melt.)

The reporter also asked the Genna’s for some business advice, and we had to smile at their answer: “Become the most educated service provider in your field.”

Spoken like  a true AGS member! To find your own version of Genna Jewelers in your area, visit Find A Jeweler.