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William Frost Joins Julius Klein’s Sales Team

After an extensive search by Phillip Bosen, CG, of Bosen Associates LLC, Julius Klein Diamonds (JKD) is pleased to announce that William Frost will be joining their team.

“With over 25 years of experience in all sectors of the jewelry business, it is a natural progression and a privilege to join the team at Julius Klein Diamonds,” said Frost.

Frost has developed a strong reputation for having the highest integrity and always doing right by his clients and friends. His skills and many outstanding, long-term relationships make him a great fit with JKD.

JKD is grateful for its mutual association with the American Gem Society (AGS). Phillip Bosen, CG, William Frost, and the Julius Klein family have all been actively involved in AGS for decades. Their shared commitment to consumer protection, ethical business practices, and the development of superior gemological skills and knowledge is a solid foundation on which to build.

“We selected Bosen Associates to conduct the search for us partly because of our interactions with the AGS,” said Mark Klein. “Phillip Bosen connected with William Frost largely because of their AGS connection. It was easy to vet William by calling a few AGS industry friends. The American Gem Society is a family that you can trust and a network of that caliber is very valuable for us, our retail partners, and ultimately the consumer.”

For over seventy years, Julius Klein Diamonds has stood for integrity, trust, dedication, and craftsmanship. JKD is confident that William is the right person to assist us as they grow and expand. They are grateful to their loyal clients and know that William will serve them at the same high level to which they have become accustomed.

Julius Klein Diamonds is “The Brand Behind the Brand.” They support better retail jewelers with bigger, better diamonds and jewelry. With seven decades of expertise, extensive inventory, and market reach, JKD provides unrivaled special diamonds and diamond jewelry for special clients and special occasions. Julius Klein’s core philosophy is to provide every customer with the right diamond to satisfy their unique needs.