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What’s New on AGS PRO

Did you miss one of the AGS Guilds Council Seminar Series meetings or just want to experience them again? The videos are now available on AGS PRO!

“O” Stands for Origin: Why it Matters
Shelly Sergent, Somewhere In The Rainbow

In today’s volatile climate of prices being determined by origins of colored gemstones and not just based on beauty, Shelly Sergent dives into the origins of corundum, spinel, beryl, and other exotic gems. She’ll discuss why origin has become the hot topic for price and availability in the marketplace.

Click here for the video.

5-Pronged Approach to Greater Customer Loyalty
Phillip Bosen, CG, Bosen Associates LLC

We know that loyal customers are the best customers. Phillip will explain just how critical it is to retain customers and a five-pronged approach to strategically improve loyalty.

Click here for the video.

How to Speak Your Customer’s Language to Close Sales
James “Jimmy” DeGroot,

Speaking with customers is an art and it’s all about knowing what words to use for the individual in front of you. Using the wrong “memorized” sales presentations sends them away. We’ll discuss how to recognize exactly what words we can use to resonate with each individual.

Click here for the video.