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What Can Pink Floyd Teach Us About Sparkle?

By Donna Jolly
Deputy Executive Director, American Gem Society
We all love diamonds, right? They are a multi-purpose gemstone, filling in the blanks for an array of emotions and symbols. A diamond can represent love when given to someone you want to spend the rest of your life with, or it can be a calling card for status when worn as a big honker on the ring finger of your right hand. Diamonds can be passed down for generations, proving that, well, a diamond really is forever.
We know we love them, but what about this romantic gem makes us so darn giddy?
The sparkle. A well-cut diamond is the “show-off” in the gem world, because it radiates sparkle, or what gemologists call “life.”
The science behind the sparkle deals with optical physics. Thankfully, Pink Floyd’s album cover from “Dark Side of the Moon” illustrates it rather succinctly.
AGS Laboratories “rock star” and Executive Director, Pete Yantzer, explains in this quick video how Pink Floyd went into a studio to record an album, but accidentally taught the world about sparkle.

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