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Uneek Celebrates its 25th Anniversary With the “It’s All About U” Campaign

In celebration of its 25th anniversary, contemporary bridal and fashion jewelry brand, Uneek, launches its year-long campaign called, “It’s All About U.” Inspired by different stories of women fulfilling multiple roles in their family, career and other aspects of their personal lives, this campaign is an homage to women’s strength, resilience, and commitment to achieve their goals and overcome any challenge with flying colors.

This Spring, Uneek introduces the Boss Babe, the Delicate Femme, the Vintage Fashionista, and the Modern Mom. Donning full looks of Uneek jewelry, every Uneek woman has a narrative that anyone can relate to and aspire to be. Since its conception in 1996, Uneek creates pieces that tell personal stories of love, family, heritage, and success through beautifully handcrafted designs by its jewelry artisans.

Founding President and Master Designer, Benjamin Javaheri, is known for his signature split-shank design in his Silhouette collection inspired by the soft curves of a woman’s silhouette. His designs garnered him multiple recognitions, making him the most awarded jewelry designer in the industry.


“This campaign is a tribute to all the women who have supported my brand, the brides who love their Uneek engagement rings, the daughters who received their first diamond piece as a graduation gift and to the mothers who worked hard to raise their children and keep their family together. A Uneek piece will not be beautiful without the extraordinary woman who wears it. It is only made meaningful when the woman wearing my design makes it her own,” Javaheri shares.

Follow Uneek on Instagram and Facebook to watch the videos of this season’s batch of Uneek women. Subscribe to Uneek’s YouTube channel for exclusive, behind-the-scenes videos of the campaign.

Uneek 25 year Celebration
(L-R): R2001GTU, LVS1016OVRG, SM834w-10x8OV, R012TRU, LVS983GEM