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Community News: Traditional Wishlists Have Made the Leap from Paper to Digital in New Wishfluence App

Wishfluence App Offers Bottom-Line Boost to Jewelry Stores

If there was anything that needs reinventing in a jewelry store, it is the antiquated paper wishlists. Now, thanks to the new App by newcomer company Wishfluence, it’s finally happened. Wishlists have gone digital.

“We are seeing jewelers using the new Wishfluence App to make more sales,” say co-founders Andy and Carin Martin. “Wishfluence is easy to use and offers the sales associate a way to track a customer’s interest and communicate easily through the app, resulting in more sales and more leads.”

Prestige retailer Ben Blakeman, Blakeman’s Fine Jewelry agrees. “It’s a great way to keep everyone connected with customer needs and future wants. With everything all in one place, there is no more scrambling to find a written note or hopes in remembering what size is needed. The accessibility of the app helps us run smoother and gives customers peace of mind knowing their wish list will always be available.”

Plus, according to Ben, employees like and use it. And yes, he would recommend this new technology to other jewelers. “It’s a great way for our team to stay on top of customer interests and visits. We love that it also provides an easy way for our team to work together and be able to assist customers with ease.”

Wishfluence co-founders, Andy and Carin Martin.
Wishfluence co-founders, Andy and Carin Martin.

Wishfluence has a quick three-step process for use: Brand, Snap, Sell!

  1. Brand: Wishfluence uses your store’s branding.
  2. Snap: Take a photo of the jewelry piece on your customer. Then, add notes to help you remember everything
  3. Sell: When the customer comes in, complete the sale and take care of any adjustments.

Wishfluence designed the App program for each salesperson in a store to install/use on a phone or tablet. The owner/manager receives regular reports on the usage specifics for easy tracking.

Wishfluence offers tech integration to their customers, allowing Wishfluence to connect with a store’s tech stack to integrate point-of-sale, messaging and payment processes and reduces redundancies throughout the store’s system (no more entering duplicate information in several places, etc.).

Wishfluence App on mobile phone.

Wishfluence has already partnered with many POS and messaging systems to deliver the smoothest integration possible. Current partners include: ARMS, Podium, Captivated, BIG Network, and Cardknox.

Wishfluence offers a better selling experience to jewelers and those taking advantage have seen an increase in sales. The Martins are continuing to tweak and upgrade the App to better serve jewelers and see increases in their customer’s sales.

“We have seen tremendous growth in our product and the services that we provide to our clients with the release of version 3.3.3. Our team has several developments and features queued up for 2023,” say the co-founders.

The App continues to help jewelers and their sales associates make more sales and keep customers happy and in touch.

Wishfluence can turn your client’s wishlists into sales.

Wishfluence App used in-store.