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Find a Jeweler Near You!

If you are looking for an engagement ring or jewelry for someone special (or for yourself), you may find the process more challenging than you realize. Finding a jeweler you can trust can make your journey a lot easier! So, you’re probably wondering how to find a reputable jeweler.

The American Gem Society (AGS) offers a “Find a Jeweler” search tool—an online resource that helps shoppers locate qualified jewelers in their area.

AGS is a nonprofit organization dedicated to promoting ethical practices and standards in the jewelry industry for nearly 90 years. Its members include jewelers, appraisers, suppliers, and educators committed to upholding the highest ethical and professional standards in their business practices.

Find a Jeweler allows you to search for AGS jewelers in your area, providing you with a list of trusted professionals committed to providing the highest quality products and services. You can search by location, specialty, and type of product. This makes it easy to find a jeweler specializing in engagement rings, wedding bands, or other types of jewelry.

AGS jewelers have undergone extensive training and education in gemology, diamond grading, jewelry design, and more. This ensures they have the knowledge and skills needed to provide exceptional service and products to their customers. They also adhere to a strict code of ethics and are committed to conducting their business with transparency and honesty.

The AGS Find a Jeweler search tool is a valuable resource for shoppers who want to find a trusted and qualified jeweler in their area. You’ll have peace of mind when shopping with an AGS jeweler—receiving only the finest products and services from jewelers who uphold moral and transparent business operations.

Ready to begin? Stop worrying about how to find a reputable jeweler, and head to to start your search today!

Diamond Cluster Earrings by Form To Feeling
Diamond Cluster Earrings by Form To Feeling
Aqua Drop Earrings by Aaron Henry Designs
Aqua Drop Earrings by Aaron Henry Designs