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The Appraiser’s Corner: How Does an Appraiser Appraise?

By Joel Hassler, ICGA Just the other day I was talking with a very close friend who is a dental hygienist. While I know “what” she does, I never realized just “what” she did throughout a patient visit, although I have seen a dental hygienist nearly 100 times before over a few decades. So, after some questions and assumptions on my part, she decided to give me a step-by-step photographic “ride-along” of what her day entails. Do not worry, no pictures of the actual patient or any confidential information (or anything that would ruin my lunch). There were so many

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Tips from Jewelers Mutual: End-of-Summer Jewelry To-Do List

Sunscreen, chlorine, and travel are the quintessential elements of summer that put fine jewelry at risk. But now that the sun is setting on summer, it’s time to give your precious gems and metals some extra attention. Learn more in this blog by Jewelers Mutual Insurance Company, 5 End-of-Summer Jewelry Care Tips to Keep Your Sparklers Shining.

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The Benefits of Jewelry Appraisals

By Phillip Bosen, CGA and Director of Business Development at Von Bargen’s JewelryA critical step in protecting and preserving the value of your jewelry is getting an updated appraisal on a regular basis. In fact, if the most recent appraisal of your jewelry took place five or more years ago, it’s time to get a new appraisal.You may be asking what a jewelry appraisal does for you. The obvious answer is that an appraisal sets a value for your jewelry. And with today’s roller-coaster values for gold, platinum, silver and gemstones, knowing what your jewelry is worth can save you heartache

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Staying Current: Updating Your Jewelry Appraisal

by Jessica VandenHouten, Jewelers Mutual Insurance Company Did you know that your jewelry may not be covered for its current value? Jewelers Mutual Insurance Company offers an option to protect your treasured jewelry with their Perfect Circle® Jewelry Insurance coverage. Given how easily a loss may occur, coupled with the financial expense of replacing the piece, insuring your jewelry for its current retail replacement value is important. Your jewelry is likely worth more now than when it was purchased. With an increased risk of loss and theft during the holidays, now is the time to visit your local AGS jeweler

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