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AGS Laboratories Will Resume Grading Laboratory-Grown Diamonds

The nonprofit lab expands its mission of consumer protection to the laboratory-grown market AGS Laboratories is pleased to announce that they will resume grading laboratory-grown diamonds, a service they previously offered until 2012. The enhanced report is the result of over a year of research and development to create a product that helps jewelry buyers better understand the qualities of their laboratory-grown diamonds. The Laboratory-Grown Diamond Grading Report will be in a digital format and is a component of Only My Diamond® (OMD) for Laboratory-Grown Diamonds, which will contain additional educational information, including a special section on the 4Cs of laboratory-grown diamonds.

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AGS Laboratories Transforms Only My Diamond®

AGS Laboratories has transformed its interactive online platform Only My Diamond® (OMD). The new upgrades focus on delivering retail jewelers an enhanced tool to present diamonds at the sales counter. One of the most notable developments is an edition devoted to the Chinese market. The Chinese version features fully-translated copy and social media sharing options via Weibo, WeChat, and QQ. “We are excited to deliver OMD to the Chinese market, and look forward to future developments,” said Jason Quick, Executive Director of AGS Laboratories. “This interactive and consumer-friendly platform allows our clients to deliver their own brand messaging and content including videos

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Digital Solutions Help Save Time and Money

AGS Laboratories is always looking for ways to help you sell more diamonds and increase sales. Our new digital diamond grading reports are our latest solution. The digital documents serve as an official grading report and are formatted the same as AGS Laboratories’ printed documents. The document resides on AGS Laboratories Only My Diamond® (OMD) so that consumers receive the benefits of the platform, including an actual video of the diamond, a clear-cut explanation of the 4Cs, the diamond’s clarity plot, laser inscription, and social media sharing options. Previous versions of OMD had an online copy of the grading report, while the

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AGS Laboratories Releases Digital Diamond Grading Reports

Digital format serves as the official document. #AskForAGS AGS Laboratories has announced the launch of their grading reports in a digital platform. The digital documents serve as an official grading report and will be formatted the same as AGS Laboratories’ printed documents. “We’re excited to add digital documents to our product offering. Digital documents help us in our commitment to environmental management by reducing paper, as well as, reducing operational costs for everyone in the supply chain across a variety of processes: shipping, storing, and replacement of lost documents,” said Jason Quick, AGS Laboratories Executive Director. The document resides on

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Ideal Light Performance with Non-Ideal Grades

by Brock Wilke, RJ, AGS Laboratories Research Analyst When the American Gem Society® (AGS) was established in 1934, its purpose was to support the industry by creating a high code of ethics that emphasized consumer protection and education. After the AGS Laboratories® was founded, the AGS Light Performance system was created—an event that changed the industry. This new way of measuring cut quality combined the years of experience from highly-trained diamond professionals with the science and engineering of the time. The AGS Light Performance system raised the bar for the highest quality cut diamonds. There is no question that an AGS Triple

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Protect Your Client. Protect Yourself.

Get the facts on synthetic diamonds. Now, more than ever, it is important to protect the consumer through proper disclosures of synthetics and treated stones. The American Gem Society is constantly seeking to provide tools and best practices for your business, and we know how imperative it is that you are in compliance with FTC Guidelines. We’ve created an updated version of the template letter we sent out last year. You can customize and send it to your suppliers, inquiring into their selling practices of synthetics and treated stones. To access the template, please follow these instructions: Download the template here.

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