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Digital Solutions Help Save Time and Money

AGS Laboratories is always looking for ways to help you sell more diamonds and increase sales. Our new digital diamond grading reports are our latest solution. The digital documents serve as an official grading report and are formatted the same as AGS Laboratories’ printed documents.

The document resides on AGS Laboratories Only My Diamond® (OMD) so that consumers receive the benefits of the platform, including an actual video of the diamond, a clear-cut explanation of the 4Cs, the diamond’s clarity plot, laser inscription, and social media sharing options. Previous versions of OMD had an online copy of the grading report, while the original document was in printed form.

Another benefit of the digital report is that no app is needed: the document can be accessed through the Report Verification function on or where applicable, from display cards in the store, which features a QR Code linking to the document. If a consumer, retailer, or a supplier wants a physical grading report, one can be ordered from AGS Laboratories.

To learn more about AGS Laboratories and the products and services that they offer, including the digital documents, contact [email protected].