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Only My Diamond®

A diamond grading report tells the story of your diamond. With an AGS Laboratories grading report, you may have access to the Only My Diamond immersive online user experience.

Your Mobile Friendly, Shareable Diamond Experience

The more you know about a diamond, the easier it is to make informed decisions. AGS Laboratories takes diamond grading analysis to the next level with Only My Diamond®.

Only My Diamond is an interactive, mobile-friendly tool that provides a quick and easy way to understand a diamond’s special attributes.

AGS Laboratories is a non-profit diamond grading laboratory created with the mission of consumer protection. By entering your AGS Laboratories report number (your diamond’s unique ID) into Report Verification, you may have access to an online experience that explains the characteristics of the diamond, going well beyond the 4Cs.

You see the true details of how your diamond performs.

How to Use Only My Diamond®

If you have your diamond grading report in front of you, scan the QR code with your smart device to launch.

If not, enter your AGS Laboratories report number (your diamonds unique AGS number) and you may see:

  • A video of your actual diamond that you can turn (with your fingertips) to get a 360° view.
  • A snapshot of your diamond grading report, giving you a complete look at your diamond’s quality.
  • An AGS Laboratories Light Performance Graph, which uses a scientific methodology and patented technology to assess the attributes most important to the beauty of the diamond. See how light performs inside your diamond to give it sparkle.
  • An Optical Precision Map, which is a computer-generated image of your diamond highlighting its craftsmanship. The image displays the symmetrical patterning and precision in how your diamond was cut.
  • A plot of your diamond’s clarity characteristics. No two diamonds have the same inclusions, and this tells the story of how your diamond was formed billions of years ago.
  • A representation of the actual laser inscription on your diamond. This is a security feature, so you know your diamond is yours!
  • The 4Cs explained, free of industry insider jargon.
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Want to discover more about your diamond?

Scan the QR code on your diamond grading report to open the mobile friendly report or enter your AGS Laboratories report number here.

To purchase a diamond with an AGS grading report, Find an AGS Jeweler.