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Sustaining Firm Spotlight: Banner Marketing

Utilizing a consultative approach grounded in strategy and years of experience, Banner Marketing helps retailers increase leads and revenue. By getting to know the retailer’s goals and market, they tailor customized marketing solutions built to achieve the retailer’s specific goals.

Banner Marketing is a 38-year-old national marketing and advertising agency. When they began, they primarily provided print advertising programs to help manufacturers drive product sales through their dealer networks. Over time, they evolved their client focus to support retailers across a number of industries, expanding their solutions to provide a full omni-channel suite of services designed to help retailers drive revenue and growth.

“Much of our growth in recent years has been in the area of digital marketing. Having partnered with luxury retailers throughout North America for years, we look forward to helping AGS members thrive,” says Steve Nasca, CEO of Banner Marketing. “Our first opportunity to do that will come through partnering with Wells Fargo to provide the creative execution of the group’s Open to Buy coupon program.”

Steve adds, “I have been very impressed with the sense of community of the group [AGS] and the mutual desire for continuous learning and embracing best practices. This is a group that seeks to build consumer confidence through principled business practices and remaining at the forefront of their industry. It’s exciting to be a part of this community!”

When getting to know a client, Banner Marketing’s team of marketing experts know how to ask the right questions, use the right tools, and get to know the retailer’s challenges and goals.

Steve Nasca
Steve Nasca, CEO of Banner Marketing

“No two retailers are the same, so it is critical to spend the time necessary to craft a plan specifically suited for each,” says Steve. “Our people are our strength, and our business is built on long-term consulting relationships rather than transactions. The only way to build those relationships is to take the time to treat each retailer as unique. This provides the best results and returns on investment.”

Team meeting at Banner Marketing.

When it comes to marketing to customers, we hear a lot about omni-channel marketing. Steve gives us several reasons why it’s so important.

“First, your target customers are conducting research, making purchasing decisions, and purchasing goods on an increasing array of devices and channels. This demands that retailers are seen by these consumers on the various platforms where they are spending time. A consistent brand image and message across these various platforms is critical.

“Today’s consumer is also increasingly concerned with ‘knowing’ the companies from which they buy and understanding what they stand for. This places an onus on opening up, displaying the personality of your business, and creating community through things like social media.

“This is acutely important in the jewelry industry given the heightened interest in issues like diamond origin, etc. Letting consumers know who you are and what you stand for goes a long way in creating long-term customer loyalty.”

Banner Marketing is excited to announce the launch of a new solution called Digi Navigator. The offering leverages the familiar concept of the printed circular and modernizes it for today’s digital audience.

“An interactive digital circular is served up to a highly-qualified audience, based on multiple demographics, across numerous digital platforms. This allows multiple impressions (typically five to nine) to each of these targeted audience members over a campaign,” explains Steve. “These digital campaigns are highly measurable and provide a clearly calculated return on investment.”

Banner Marketing recognizes that very few retailers have the capacity to become digital marketing experts and have demystified digital marketing in a highly cost-effective and measurable way.