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Supplier Spotlight: XL Diamonds

XL Diamonds, founded in 2016 by Avinoam Kimchi, takes pride in accommodating varying diamond supply requests. Vice President and Manager Jessica Gylsen joined the XL Diamonds team in the fall of 2022 after a lifetime in luxury retail as a diamond buyer and top sales executive.

“Our partnership together, each of us bringing our own industry strengths and experiences, has allowed for a new chapter at XL Diamonds. It’s our team’s mission to become a retailer’s most brilliant resource,” says Jessica.

XL Diamonds places tremendous importance on accommodating their clients. Jessica elaborates on this core value: “At XL Diamonds, we as a team recognize the value of every opportunity our retailers provide us with. Whether it’s a simple one-carat or a 20-carat, every diamond and every opportunity to set our retailers up for success with their customers matters.”

They go the extra mile to understand the full scope of their client’s needs and provide creative and strategic options. Jessica continues, “In retail, a diamond presentation leaves a lot of room for influence and suggestion. By sharing with our retailers the reason behind the ‘Why’ as to what we are recommending helps set them up for success behind the case.”

Jessica Gylsen,
Vice President and Manager at XL Diamonds

To further support their clients, XL Diamonds is establishing new and innovative ways to help retailers evolve. “We don’t want to be another ‘one of the masses’ when it comes to wholesale. Our company is niche; our team is fueled by passion and a purpose to proactively contribute and help our industry evolve,” explains Jessica.

They offer value adds to retailers, such as social media assistance. “Social media and its impact on diamond sales is still fairly new territory for many retailers.” Jessica adds, “To be able to share usable content, gorgeous big GIA diamonds, rings, and earrings that can then be turned into reels and posts to help drive their diamond business has been such a worthy endeavor for XL and our partner stores.”

As American Gem Society (AGS) members, XL Diamonds states that being a member is a source of pride and recognition for their company. Jessica notes, “AGS is our industry’s benchmark of a business, store, or company that holds itself to the highest professional and ethical standards in every aspect. To be an AGS member is often like an introduction to quality, professionalism, and integrity before the ‘Hello’.”

XL Diamonds recently launched their XL Elite collection of finished jewelry specializing in larger diamonds, emphasizing stones with superior make and quality for value. Jessica provides more detail: “Many customers have a hard time committing to purchasing larger diamonds loose. Our Elite goods are a powerful tool for stores to be able to introduce their customers to the size, weight, and feel of larger stones. To be able to memo our partner retailers gorgeous and substantial diamonds set in classically styled rings for their customers to try on in their store has been an incredibly effective and exciting new chapter of XL Diamonds for us this last year.”

Learn more about XL Diamonds at

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