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Supplier Spotlight: Sylvie Collection

The designs from Sylvie Collection are inspired by a combination of trends, comfort, and lifestyle. Sylvie Levine, owner and principal designer for Sylvie Collection, is heavily focused on keeping a strong pulse on trends across the broader engagement ring industry. She and her team discern how generational shifts are impacting fashion and lifestyle decisions, and what drives true customer satisfaction.

The Sylvie Collection was first established in 1987, under the company Spectrum Diamonds, which was founded by Sylvie’s husband, Ian Levine, shortly after he immigrated to the US from South Africa. In 2007, as an extension of Spectrum Diamonds, they launched the bridal collection, Sylvie.

“The genesis of the Sylvie Collection was rooted in challenging the inherent male-owned bridal lines across our industry and we saw this as an opportunity to build a brand around the ethos of being designed by a Woman, for a Woman,” says Sylvie.

Sylvie Collection is seeing high demand for their special-order offering, which helps meet consumer needs in the age of speed and mass customization. Sylvie adds, “Being able to not only provide proprietary designs for consumers to be inspired but to also provide an ability to fully customize our products is extremely central to the core of the Sylvie brand.”

To streamline this customization offering, they’ve recently launched the Sylvie Style Bar—a platform that allows consumers to create their ring from scratch, bespoke to their specific wants. “A big driver of this offering comes from the fact that active consumers are inundated daily with inspiration on Instagram, Pinterest, and many other platforms,” says Sylvie. “They see so many different designs and often source elements of inspiration from multiple Sylvie designs they see.”

"Roial" one-of-a-kind vintage engagement ring.

When it comes to the upcoming trends in engagement rings, Sylvie is seeing a big return towards classic trends—solitaires, three stone rings, and fancy shapes as the center or accent stones. “It is as if consumers are saying ‘less is more,’ and going for a more clean, refined, and cohesive piece,” says Sylvie. “However, every customer still wants that level of customization no matter the trend. These custom modifications can range from slight adjustments to the basic piece all the way to a complete redesign using an existing design as the start.”

"Cheri" vintage-inspired diamond halo engagement ring.
"Esmeralda" unique diamond engagement ring.
"Maryam" classic round brilliant diamond engagement ring.
"Maryam" oval cut diamond classic engagement ring.

Sylvie Collection is excited about the opportunity to work alongside the American Gem Society’s members and help further its mission that it has continued to uphold since its founding.

“At Sylvie, we pride ourselves on being lifelong learners and work tirelessly to make our experience with retailers a seamless one,” says Sylvie. “This is a wonderful opportunity to do just that by expanding our knowledge and education within our industry, engaging meaningfully with retailers we serve every day, and ultimately gain clarity on how we can better our brand alongside our retail partners.”

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