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The Report Report: Special Program Products and Services

By Jerrica Hamblin, Laboratory Program Development Analyst, AGS Laboratories

Let’s talk about special programs! Here at AGS Laboratories, we offer unique products with branding opportunities to help increase your brand recognition and awareness.

The Proprietary Light Performance Diamond Quality Document, also known as the Proprietary Grading Report (PGR), is known for its sleek design with the incorporation of a client logo. We recommend this report for AGS Ideal® diamonds as the AGS Cut Grade and ASET® image are also features of this grading document. With the trademark logo featured prominently on the report, this document is a helpful link between a retailer brand and a third-party laboratory report.

Want to take your branding to the next level? Our Only My Diamond® (OMD) platform is also customizable! It provides every one-of-a-kind diamond with its own website. With a quick search on our Report Verification or a QR-code scan from the grading report, the consumer is taken to an interactive, online experience about their diamond.

Illumina PGR
Illumina PGR Sample

Popular features of this platform include a 360-degree video of the diamond, an educational 4Cs page, the Light Performance chart, and the ASET® image, just to name a few. Looking for more options? You can now incorporate your brand story, logo, and more!

Standard OMD
Only My Diamond® branded with optional features.
Only My Diamond® branded with optional features.

The PGR and OMD online experience make the perfect pair for special programs.

At AGS Laboratories, we want to support you and help enhance the brand you have built! Contact our Business Development team at [email protected] to start the conversation today.