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Supplier Spotlight: Mi.Roc Diamond Company

Mihir Mehta, a diamantaire from Antwerp whose pioneering family manufactured diamonds for over 100 years, envisioned creating a more brilliant round diamond.

Years were spent involving multiple research labs to develop the cutting that would lead to the final product. After partnering with Michael Moroch, a second-generation owner of Howard B. Moroch, Inc.—diamond importers since 1966 in New York City—and collaborating with AGS Laboratories, the Mi.RocDiamond was born.

In 2020, the Mi.Roc Diamond was patented and trademarked. It tested as one of the most brilliant round diamonds when assessed for AGS Light Performance and has earned the AGS Triple Zero® grading. In addition, the Mi.Roc Diamond was given eight “Excellent” Cut grades from the Gem Certification & Assurance Lab (GCAL).

As members of the American Gem Society (AGS), Mi.Roc has connected with top retailers, and their diamonds have been widely accepted by AGS retailers across the country.

Michael Moroch, president of Mi.Roc Diamond’s U.S. operations, shares a quote from an AGS Retailer: “Prior to seeing the Mi.Roc diamond, I would not have believed you could improve the brilliance of a round diamond.”

For more information about Mi.Roc, contact Michael Moroch at [email protected].